What is Leaky Gut

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky Gut Syndrome goes by many names and has many faces, the most common names are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), food allergies and intolerances, and Celiac disease. It is possible for these illnesses to exist outside of Leaky Gut, but Leaky Gut Syndrome is usually the biggest propagator of these (and many other) issues.

How is Leaky Gut responsible for all this?

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a form of an auto-immune disorder. This means that your immune system begins to function abnormally and starts to produce antibodies against your own tissues. To give you an example of this, a piece of food or medication may fall into the blood stream where it’s attacked by your antibodies. That’s what creates sensitivities to food in your body.

How does food get into your bloodstream?

The only way for food to fall into your blood stream (which will result in a food allergy or intolerance) is for one your intestines to become semi-permeable, meaning that certain objects are allowed to pass through it. There are many ways that an intestine can become semi-permeable, but the most common causes are poor diets (eating too much processed food and not enough wholesome foods), strong medication, antibiotics, birth control, chronic dehydration, stress and any combination between them. These irritate and inflame the gut, or intestines and they become semi-permeable.

At this point, food that was once held inside the walls of the intestines is now allowed to pass through that barrier and into the blood stream. Any foreign entity inside the bloodstream is called an antigen. Antigens are attacked by antibodies and the result is more inflammation wherever the antigen was found and killed.

Why are the effects of Leaky Gut Syndrome so widespread?

You understand where food allergies come from, but what about IBS or acid reflux or ulcers? Not to mention brain fog, asthma, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. The truth about Leaky Gut is that it’s an auto-immune disorder, so it’s inside your blood stream. When the antigens enter your blood stream they are prone to move around, following the flow of the blood, and wherever they’re found by the antigens,
inflammation and irritation are sure to follow. Every part of your body relies and depends on your blood stream, so everything including organs, muscles, joints and bones can be affected by a leaky gut.

Really, the only thing that decides what symptoms you will have and how severely you have them is wherever the antigens are most numerous. Everybody is different with different eating, exercise and health habits so everybody will have different symptoms.

Is Leaky Gut Permanent?

Fortunately, no, Leaky gut is not permanent. That is, if you do something about it. Leaky Gut Syndrome will not go away on it’s own, but it can be healed through time, proper diet, good supplementation and positive determination.

How can I heal Leaky Gut?

If you’re feeling ready you can check out my eBook on healing Leaky Gut here. It’s the resource I wish I had when I was healing my own Leaky gut.Happy healing and living,


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