We are but Ramen Noodles

The sad truth about our bodies

Face it, we are what we eat. The food that we is not just fuel for our bodies, it’s also the basic building materials. How often do we give thought to the foods that we eat? To what effect they will have? Your body is made out of what you put into it, so what does that say about you?

When you put food into your body, your body takes it and uses it to build more body. Food is literally the construction material of our bodies. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my body is built of ramen noodles. Chicken flavored ramen noodles to be specific. No wonder I had Leaky Gut. What happens to our bodies when we don’t give it the proper building materials? Well, it builds anyway.

Let’s compare the body to a house. A contractor can build a house with proper lumber, old plywood or driftwood. Once painted, the house will look similar to all the others in the neighborhood, but will it be the same? Absolutely not. Once the wind blows, holes will start to form and the walls will start to warp. The wind, rain and snow will get in and the house will be in need of repair. Your stomach is the exact same way. You can build it out of good foods, okay foods or ramen noodles. Either way it will be built, but the quality of your body is in the balance.

Did you know that all of your organs’ cells are completely replaced about once every seven years? The construction materials you give your body are used to create new cells which, in turn, create new organs. After seven years of eating crappy foods,(ramen noodles, as a random example), it’s no wonder we start to feel old and tired. That’s good news for us though! That means that if we eat healthy for seven years all of our organs will be completely new, awesome, sickness fighting organs of awesomeness. Let me point out here that it does not take seven years to heal leaky gut. Just being clear.

Although it’s an old saying, there’s much truth to it. You are what you eat. I’m ramen noodles, what about you?

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