Technology and Food Manipulation

Health problems are becoming more widespread. Yes, we are more immune to epidemics that used to wipe out many people, but there wasn’t a huge chunk of the population living on medication just to survive, or being diagnosed with terrible health problems. So why have cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, and so many other problems all of a sudden come into play? Have we really just degenerated because of genetics? Or is there a bigger factor?

Looking over the changes in the world during the past century, we notice a dramatic increase in technology. We’ve implemented many technologies into society before knowing the consequences. For example, we didn’t know the negative effects genetically engineering food has on the human body when we first started doing it, but now we’re reaping the consequences many years letter, and just starting to understand the cause.IMG_1697

We’ve also allowed ourselves to be exposed to more widespread diseases. Because of technology, we have become a lazier society. Most of the time we have to actually go out of our way to exercise. Jobs 100 years ago were often more strenuous on our physique, whereas now most people can sit/stand around all day and make a living.

Entertainment has also taken a toll on society. Many people go to work, sit in a chair all day, and then come home to relax by sitting on the couch the rest of the day. Where does staying fit and healthy come in? Nowhere. It is something people have to go out of their way to do which means it doesn’t happen for many. This is one of the reasons why there’s been such a huge rise in obesity and overweight problems during the past few decades.

The food we eat has also changed. Foods with sugars, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, genetic manipulation and engineering, dyes, and all things processed have become the foods we eat every day, mixed with the constant stream of medication and antibiotics we feel the need to feed our bodies. Besides not being built to naturally process these additives, our bodies actually take quite a toll when consistently consuming these products. Our bodies naturally expel products that don’t sit well with us and are harmful, but when we are consuming these toxins during every meal every day, our bodies have to work on overdrive to get rid of all of the junk, and if too overloaded, the body actually starts taking these toxins into the blood stream.

When there are too many toxins, our intestines become semi-permeable. This is caused by the wear and degeneration of toxins being consumed, allowing food particles, which contain all of the sugars, hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals, to flow freely in our bloodstream, soaking into any organ, or affecting any process they can. This is where many of our common health problems stem from, and it’s called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky Gut can cause almost any health problem. If toxins are soaked into your lungs, it can cause asthma; your bones, arthritis; your stomach, ulcers; your skin, cancer; your brain, depression. It can cause any of your natural processes to malfunction.

When these toxins get into our bloodstream, our body does fire an immune response. Antibodies are built to combat these toxins, which sounds like a good thing, but you have to realize that these toxins are part of food particles. When our body attacks these toxins, the body creates antibodies that fight against the foods we are eating because they are carrying the toxins. The antibodies then attack this food whenever it is consumed because it is a toxin to the body, even if it just carrying toxins. The more it consumes, the more antibodies are created, and the more opposed to this food our body becomes. This is what causes allergies, intolerances, and many other immune problems.

These antibodies also attack particles that have soaked into organs and other functions, so our bodies are essentially attacking themselves, causing degeneration of bodily organs and natural processes. This is what defines an auto-immune disease, and it caused by Leaky Guy Syndrome.

As you can see, many of our national health problems have been caused by our own ignorance, and will continue to grow if we do not do something about it. Taking in these processed foods not only puts our immune system to work (which makes us tired by the way), but can cause countless health problems and immune disorders. The best way to overcome these problems is by creating a perfect environment for our body to heal. This is done by eating foods and taking supplements that not only sooth the digestive system, but aid in the process of rebuilding the body and its functions. You can find my book on Healing Leaky Gut, here, or my Healing Leaky Gut Series of posts, here.

To prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome, we must do our best to eat whole foods that are not processed or manipulated (organic), live a healthy lifestyle by exercising, drink enough water to flush toxins, stay away from medications as much as possible, and live aware of what we take into our bodies every day. If we are paying attention to what our bodies are telling us, we will notice the little things that don’t feel right, and we will be able to eat and live the way we were created to.

Listen to your body. Eat well. Live right. Thank you.


Please help us spread the word about the foods we consume as a society by sharing this with your friends. You never know who is struggling with diet related health problems and could use this knowledge. Thanks again.

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