My Purpose

Sickness. Everywhere I look. Pain. In the eyes of everyone I see. If it’s not you it’s someone close to you, who suffers from health problems every day, who is always sick, who doesn’t know what’s wrong. That is who I’m talking to. Those who are sick, and those who could be sick, which includes pretty much everyone.

I see all of this pain, and I don’t think it’s fair for many reasons. One, because I feel their pain. I know what they’re going through. I’ve been through it, and I don’t think anyone should have to go through that. Two, because I know exactly what they need to do to get better. I know what will take away that pain. And it’s not fair for me to keep what I’ve learned to myself. I see too much suffering to have the heart to do that. I see friends, their family, their children, all in pain. I see strangers, and their family, and their children, all hurting, and I can’t help them. I want to, but I don’t know how.

I don’t know how to tell them I have what they’re looking for, and when I do they 310877_2202112684724_1499366118_ndon’t believe me. Usually because they think it’s too good to be true, I’m only in it for money, or because they’ve been told so often that there isn’t a way to get better, even when it’s staring them in the face, they don’t believe it. Well, it’s not too good to be true. It’s too good and it IS true. I had an illness that tried to take my life, and now I’m 100% free from it. It IS possible to get better. I recommend following my Healing Leaky Gut Series, or my book, Healing Leaky Gut, to take your life back.

I have such a hard time being happy with myself when I don’t share my knowledge, especially with those who need it. I have to help. It’s who I am. And when I do, I want you to tell me, and tell others your success story, so maybe, just maybe, we can help everyone. And then maybe, things will be alright.

Thank you for your help and support.


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2 thoughts to “My Purpose”

  1. You do a great work, Sage! I’m on my way of getting cured right now, and your web site is one of those tools I find really useful 🙂

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