Healing Leaky Gut Series – Part Six – Supplements


Note: You should work with a health care practitioner when considering taking these supplements. The last thing you want to do is throw your body off because there was not a proper knowledge of the supplements and their effects on your body beforehand. As stated before, the information in this book is only meant to supplement, not replace, your health care practitioner’s knowledge and work, and should only be used in conjunction with them.

I cannot stress how important these supplements are to healing your body. It is common for those who eat on the previously outlined diet to feel better, even if they don’t take the supplements, but when they try to reintroduce the foods they were allergic to into their diets, they learn that they still have the same food sensitivities. That is what most people consider healing, but I don’t believe you are completely healed until you are completely free from all pain and health problems, and you can attain this. I know because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped countless others do it too.

There are people who start taking supplements and actually start to feel worse, so they assume that the supplements won’t work, when really, the sickness they feel comes from the massive buildup of toxins purging from their systems. When this is the case, it is recommended to stop taking the supplements and to continue eating on the previously outlined diet for a few more weeks until more toxins have had a chance to leave your system.

You should not start the supplements until you have properly purged your body of many toxins and are consistently eating on the diet outlined in the previous posts, which usually takes about 4-8 weeks.

These supplements not only help get rid of all of your symptoms but they rebuild your digestive system and body, and allow you to live a normal lifestyle again without having to worry about eating something that may send you to your death bed.

That’s what the supplements are for. They kick your body into overdrive and turn your organs into healing power houses.

That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to eat on the previously outlined diet and not worry about supplements. It may take you longer to heal, but your body will feel better than it ever has.


Many amino acids can be used for rebuilding your digestive tract, but one of the most common and proven amino acid to take is L-Glutamine. This amino acid helps build and strengthen the intestines while also supplying essential components for rebuilding muscle strength.

There are many different types of L-Glutamine and some are better quality than others. I would recommend doing your research before purchasing any one brand. Your health care practitioner may also have a brand they recommend that you cannot get over the counter. These are usually higher quality and what I would recommend going with, as with all the supplements. You won’t want to start taking L-Glutamine until you feel your body is ready to start rebuilding itself and you are done with the toxin purging phase, usually at least a month or two after starting the other supplements. This is because L-Glutamine rebuilds your digestive system and you can’t rebuild it until all of the inflammation is gone.


One of the biggest problems with having leaky gut is the imbalance of bacteria in the digestive system, especially when you have candida or have taken antibiotics. Probiotics replace the missing beneficial bacteria and balance the gut. Anytime you take antibiotics you should take probiotics as well. They should be taken while healing leaky gut to help restore the missing bacteria.

As with all of the supplements, I recommend doing your research for brands. Find one that is quality with quality ingredients and no extra unnecessary additives.


When your body is focused on getting rid of toxins and handling stress, it doesn’t always focus on providing imperative enzymes for healing. These include liver, pancreatic and digestive enzymes. Without enough of these enzymes, your body becomes more stressed which in turn makes leaky gut worse. These supplements make the digestion process flow while giving your body the ability to focus on healing and repairing.

Digestive Herbs

There are many herbs that reduce inflammation in the gut and calm the digestive system to make repairs easier as well as boost the immune system and function. These are not always necessary but in severe cases can be very beneficial. They also speed up the healing process.


Constipation is a major problem with leaky gut. It not only stresses out the digestive system but allows more food to pass through your intestinal wall into your bloodstream. Apart from this it will make your life more comfortable. Magnesium is something you can take for constipation. It has many benefits but it can be used as a laxative if constipation is bad, especially while taking the other leaky gut supplements. This is something to only get if you need it, meaning it’s optional but very useful.

There are many supplements you can take that will aid in healing, and most people talking about healing leaky gut will recommend a combination of these and possible a few others. I recommend using these supplements specifically because they are the ones I personally used to heal and have seen many others use to heal. I want to emphasize that you know your body the best and you should be knowledgeable about what you put into. Do your research on brands and find something that will work for you.

As for a protocol, I do recommend working with a health care practitioner because you are dealing with products that can have tremendous effects on your body. If you would like direction, though, I recommend following a protocol like the one Dr. Josh Axe recommends, here.

Remember, you can do this and you can get better.


Guide to Healing Leaky Gut

If you are ready to take the next and final step in the healing process, to completely heal your body and get your life back, you can follow my book, Healing Leaky Gut. It takes the information I’ve taught here and applies it to completely heal your leaky gut in a step by step format. You can find here.


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6 thoughts to “Healing Leaky Gut Series – Part Six – Supplements”

  1. I love your website so much your a great person for doing this, tell your clients to get the MRT test because like me, you can be sensitive to many veggies and not even know it, i highly recommend it, it helped me greatly with my terrible face rashes and swelling etc.

    1. Thank you for your comment! It made my day, and I’m so glad I can help, and thanks for letting me know about the MRT test! I will do some research on it. 🙂

  2. What if you are already taking some of the supplements? I am already taking enzymes and probiotics. Should I stop taking them for 5 weeks? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi LeAnn! It’s good to hear you’re already taking some of the supplements! I recommend to start taking them 5 weeks in to give the body time to detox before the supplements can be really effective. It’s also a way to save you guys money so you don’t have to buy supplements until they’re absolutely necessary, but there is no harm in taking them earlier, especially if they help. They just might not be as effective as they will be after 5 weeks. Hope that helps!

  3. Hey sage I’m just starting to work on fixing my leaky stomach one of the things i do is play basketball and run 3 times a week pretty much cause i have to cause I’m in the air force , i was just wondering if this could effect my healing at all

    1. Exercise is generally a good thing for your body if you can handle it. When I was healing, I danced three times a week for 4-6 hours, which is a lot of exertion, and I healed just fine! It will only become a problem if you feel it’s a cause of stress on your body rather than a stress release. If it’s extremely hard on your body and you feel awful after, it might be good to take it a little easier, but basketball and running a few times a week shouldn’t be hindering your progress. Let me know if that helps!

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