Healing Leaky Gut Series – Part Four – Food Rotation and Journal

Important Things to Do

Food Journal

First of all, it is very helpful to keep a food journal. This includes writing down everything you eat organized by meal/day. Keeping a food journal helps you pin point foods that you react to and it also helps you more easily rotate your foods which we will talk about next. I recommending finding a food journal you’re motivated to write in, whether it be a journal, notebook, word processor document, or app (some apps even let you take pictures of all your meals).

Food Rotation

A very important and commonly overlooked factor in healing leaky gut is rotating your foods. You should eat a certain type of food in one 24-hour time period, and then you shouldn’t eat that food again for three days, meaning you have a four-day food rotation. You only eat the same foods every four days.

For example, on Sunday I may eat beef and asparagus for dinner. I would then eat my left-overs for lunch the next day. Then I wouldn’t eat beef or asparagus for another three day period, or until Thursday night for dinner. I usually eat my dinner left-overs for lunch the next day. You don’t have to eat the same foods in the same day, just in the same 24-hour time period. That way you can have a variety of foods each day.

By rotating your foods, you are preventing yourself from creating new reactions to foods. This is how we avoid the Degenerative Food Sensitivity Cycle.

Another good thing about rotating foods is that you can pin-point your exact food reactions. If you feel great every day except for the days you eat chicken, you know which food is making you sick.

Below there is a sample of my food journal combined with a food rotation sample when I was healing my leaky gut.

Food Rotation Chart

No Microwave

I know, it sounds crazy, but this really is important. When you microwave food, the waves that penetrate your food and heat it up actually magnify and multiply the toxins in your food as well as kill off many of the important nutrients your body needs. That’s why when you heat up breastmilk for a baby, you do so over the stove. Because of this it is best not to use a microwave for heating up or cooking food. Toaster-ovens or a regular oven, as well as a pan or pot are great alternatives and keep the nutrients in your food. I recommend toaster ovens as they are inexpensive to buy and operate, and they heat up food much faster than a regular oven. As an added bonus, it also makes your food crispy and tasty. We own the toaster oven found here. I also use stainless steel pots and pans as well as cast iron to cook over the stove. Having good cooking utensils makes cooking more enjoyable and much easier.

Meal Proportions

I wanted to talk a little bit about meal proportions. Many people recommend eating specific amounts of food every meal. My mind honestly gets overwhelmed thinking that way and I prefer working in much simpler ways. Realize that our bodies will naturally crave the foods they need, and it is also just extra stress trying to integrate another thing into your life.

I would just recommend trying to keep your meals as balanced as possible, meaning, take care to eat protein and carbohydrates in a balanced manner.

Something I would recommend is eating five small meals every day and snacking in-between those meals. This keeps your metabolism going and allows your body to thoroughly use the food you are feeding it. I also have seen that most people feel better after implementing this principle.

Remember, this habits may seem small but it’s the small things that make a world of difference when you’re working toward getting better.


Guide to Healing Leaky Gut

If you are ready to take the next and final step in the healing process, to completely heal your body and get your life back, you can follow my book, Healing Leaky Gut. It takes the information I’ve taught here and applies it to completely heal your leaky gut in a step by step format. You can find here.


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