Healing Leaky Gut Series – Part Eight – Living after Leaky Gut

It’s a strange feeling to go from having so many health problems and eating restrictions to being able to eat whatever you’d like. There is a definite balance of eating well and enjoying what you eat. Here are a few tricks and tips to keep you healthy and leaky gut free.

  1. Stay away from processed grains. These are empty calories and will only add fat to your body. These are also addicting and convert straight to sugar.
  2. Eat whole grains if you want to eat grains. These will work your digestive system and make it stronger since whole grains are harder to break down. They also build up your body and keep you healthy.
  3. Avoid any form of processed or unnatural sugar. Regardless of how yummy it tastes, sugar is never good for you and your body will attack it or become addicted to it if you’re not careful. Other foods will become sweeter as you avoid sugar too, so it’s easily worth it. It’s easiest to stay away from sugar once you stop eating it. You will feel better and will avoid many health problems in the future. That isn’t a requirement, but it is highly suggested. Avoiding sugar does not include avoiding fruit, honey, or other natural and unprocessed forms of fruit. These are good and healthy for you.
  4. Stay away from processed food if you can. Processed foods contain chemicals, hormones and preservatives that will bring additional health problems in the future and disrupt the balance of your body. Make your food homemade and whole whenever you can.
  5. Obviously, when you finish this, you can eat however you like, and shouldn’t be expected to stay on the diet the rest of your life, but a good suggestion for most people is to eat 80/20, meaning 80% of the time you eat on the foods previously outlined and 20% you can fluctuate. Be careful to think about how little 20% is because it will easily become more than that if you don’t keep it in check. You will feel better eating well so I suggest that you do. A good rule is to eat natural foods. If they’re natural and whole, you’re likely getting a good balance while eating the rights foods.

If you start feeling more tired than usual or start seeing your old symptoms come back, this is usually caused by bad diet, medication, or other external factors. If you eat right, you shouldn’t have any more major problems with your health, but it’s best to take care to treat your body. It deserves to eat well and so do you.

Don’t go back to eating how you were eating before.

The worst thing you can do for your body is go back to your old habits. You just made new ones and your body is thriving from this new way of living. If you continue to take care of your body, you will stay healthy. If you go back to your old eating habits, it’s not uncommon to bring back many of your old health problems. Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Eating healthy will give you energy and keep you well for the rest of your life.

Ultimately you should do whatever helps you feel the best, and stick to it. Don’t let yourself slide into a degenerative pattern but don’t be too hard on yourself. Find a good balance that you’re happy with and understand that you want to feel well. You can feel good and be happy about your lifestyle. Choose healthy and live well.


Guide to Healing Leaky Gut

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