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I love to hear from you. Unfortunately, I’m swamped with emails, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to reply to individual questions.

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3 thoughts to “Connect”

    1. Debbie,
      Alopecia came up plenty in my mercury research – I was mercury poisoned so I have studied it plenty. I’d point you to Bio-chelat for the mercury removal if you have dental amalgams or had them (that’s what caused my mercury poisoning which caused MS, then candida overgrowth, then leaky gut).

      At a minimum, I’d be taking zinc orotate for the alopecia since you’d be low.

  1. Sage, read the email today. i have been slowly removing the inflamatory foods from my diet over the last 9 months. now I am following your recommendations on the grains, starches etc… problem is…I am losing weight at a pretty good clip.
    I was 160lbs. I workout with weights/trainer 3 days a week…and now down to 153 ibs. Now I am ALWAYS hungry…and of course…I cant eat just anything because I am on the 4 day food rotation…and my list of foods I can eat is not huge. the grains/potatoes helped a bunch with keeping me full. in your experience is there any grain that is easy to digest that wont set me back in the healing process?
    thanks for your thoughts….

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