Can You Heal Completely?

A question I am asked a lot is if you can truly heal completely. I mean, not just getting better or feeling better, but being able to live a completely normal life without pain or even the possibility of pain. Let me give you an example.

A lot of people avoid foods that make them sick, and naturally they start to feel better and may even find that all of their symptoms and pain are gone; BUT, when they try to go back to how they ate before, they find that the foods that made them sick before still do, and that their symptoms are back with those foods.

I’ve found that a lot of people think they are completely healed as soon as their symptoms disappear, but are overly frustrated when they figure out that they still react to the foods that made them sick before. What a lot of people don’t realize is that even once your symptoms are gone, your body still needs to rebuild itself. When your symptoms first disappear, that is a sign that you’ve created a perfect environment for your body to heal, but it doesn’t mean your body has had time to already rebuild itself.

Your body needs time, and it needs to consistently be in a state able to heal. You need to have patience and let your body take the time it needs to heal, even if you’re anxious or excited to start eating normal foods again. Your body needs to be in a perfect environment and it needs to be consistent. This environment is achieved by your diet, lifestyle, and the supplements you take, and must be maintained until your body is completely healed.

When you start eating bad, take antibiotics, or have other drastic changes in the middle of your protocol, it often times will ruin the work you’ve already done, or take back some of the ground you’ve already achieved. This is why so many people never get better.

But you can get better if you truly want it and if you have the patience to work for it.

You can get better, completely. Your body was made whole and was meant to stay that way. It was built to be strong and to rebuild itself when it needs to. You just have to give it what it needs. Eat right, sleep well, exercise, take the supplements your body needs to get better, then stick to it. If you are persistent, dedicated, and have patience, you can get better because your body was made to do so. Whatever has gone on in your body isn’t natural, but if you eliminate the cause of the problem, and give your body what it needs to fix itself, and wait, your body can get back into perfect order. You can feel well again, and you can heal completely.

If you need help knowing where to start, you can follow my Healing Leaky Gut series, or if you’re ready to take the next step, follow my book, Healing Leaky Gut, and take your life back.
I’ve given you the plan I personally used to heal completely, and I want to help you do the same.

There was a you before this, so let’s get you back.



Leave me a comment below telling me your goals and what you are doing to live a healthy lifestyle.

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2 thoughts to “Can You Heal Completely?”

  1. Hi, you’re truly an inspiration to me. I just found your youtube video about how you healed your leaky gut and I can only hope that I can too. Just a week ago after much, much research I think I might have a leaky gut due to all my food sensitivities and just feeling sick all the time.. and my intestinal/bowel issues. I just started an elimination diet and I’m still trying to identify the foods that are making me feel sick but I am eating organic fruits & veggies… And organic chicken. Unfortunately I fell off the wagon this weekend and had a little bit of alcohol and had some food out… So I’m feeling crappy again but you really have motivated me again to know that the body really DOES HEAL itself and that I can get better… Thank you SOOO much. I bought you ebook and I will keep you updated!

    1. Maddie! Thank you so much for your comment and your story! It truly inspires me to see others work hard to heal their bodies, and the body is truly amazing because it can heal itself! I hope things are going better for you and I would love an update, but I’m so happy to hear you’re figuring things out and you’re starting to feel better! Good luck with your healing journey. Know that YOU CAN DO IT!!

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